Recreation Plans, Reports & Studies

Recreation: Plans, Reports and Studies

  • Kinosoo Beach Master Plan: Report
  • Kinosoo Beach Master Plan: Appendix
    • The Kinosoo Beach Master Plan was adopted by council in July 2014. The plan was drafted after several rounds of consultation and input from City Council, various user groups in the City and the public at large. The master plan will serve to guide future investment in the area towards the final goal that it represents.
  • Marina Master Plan
    • The Marina Master Plan was created by design firms Moffatt & MichoN and Brook McIlroy. The plan outlines three options for expanding the marina while also improving its operations and revitalizing the waterfront area.
  • Open Space and Linkages Plan
    • The City of Cold Lake open Space and Linkages Plan was adopted by the City of Cold Lake Council on November 26, 2013. The purpose of the plan is to provide an action plan that directs the development of future municipal open spaces and linkages in a fiscally and environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. The plan is also a tool to assist decision makers, stakeholders and the general public in determining the needs and priorities related to parks and recreation needs of the City of Cold Lake.
  • Imperial Park Master Plan
    • The Imperial Park Master Plan was updated in December 2009 by EIDOS Consultants Incorporated, with a view to guiding the development of the 120-hectare park, located in the heart of the City of Cold Lake. The guiding principals for the plan were to ensure: A strong community focal point; Synergies between indoor and outdoor activities; All season use; Well connected park components; An Energy Centre "campus concept"; Balanced, multi-focal outdoor activity nodes; Planned growth.
  • Energy Centre Master Plan
    • The Energy Centre Master Plan was updated in November 2013 by Stantec Architecture. The facility's master plan is intended to guide the facility's expansion as it grows to meet the community's needs.