Public Participation

Public Participation: Delegations and Public Question Period

Members of the Public can appear before council as a formal Delegation or ask a question of council during a council meeting's Public Question Period.


Members of the public wanting to make a formal delegation to council must submit an application to do so. Information on submitting the completed application can be found at the bottom of the application itself. The application is available at the following link:

Examples of a delegation include:

  • A presentation to council
  • Submitting a request for action
  • Updating council on a special project or program

Delegation Restrictions:

  • Delegates have a maximum of 15 minutes for their presentation, exclusive of questions from council
  • Any handouts must be included with the delegation application, including a hard copy of any power point presentations
  • An electronic copy of any PowerPoint presentations must be provided 24 hours in advance
  • Only two speakers per delegation are allowed

Delegations will not be heard:

  • If the matter being discussed is before the courts
  • If council has authorized legal action
  • At council meetings regarding official community plans or zoning amendment bylaws that have already been to public hearing

How to make your delegation experience rewarding:

  • Be consistent in your message
  • Be patient with the process and respectful of the formality of the process and the time allotted
  • Be prepared for a non-answer: Council may request more information
  • Indicate the date and time you require support
  • Ask about next steps
  • Once a decision has been made, you will be contacted by the City.

Public Question Period

When is the Public Question Period granted?

  • The Public Question Period is held at Regular Council Meetings, which are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month
  • Council allows for up to 20 minutes, if required, for the entire question period
  • The Public Question Period begins shortly after the adoption of the minutes; shortly after 6:00 pm.

The Public Question Period provides the public access to council to obtain information regarding the business of the City of Cold Lake. Members of the public who ask a question are requested to provide their name and address so that they can be recorded in the meeting minutes along with the question posed to council.

How to make the most of the Public Question Period:

  • Speakers are required to ask a question, not to make a speech
  • You will be ruled out of order if asking about a matter currently before the courts
  • You are not allowed to ask about a bylaw from a closed public hearing
  • You cannot seek secretive or personal information
  • Note that council refers the right to defer any or all questions to the City's administration in order to obtain the information required to provide a complete and accurate response