Official election results for the 2021 municipal election

The City of Cold Lake has submitted its official election results to Alberta Municipal Affairs.

When the polls closed, 2,780 out of 11,074 eligible voters had cast a ballot, representing a 25.1% voter turnout.

The election was held for 6 positions on council, with Mayor Craig Copeland acclaimed.

The official results as submitted to Municipal Affairs are as follows, with an asterisk (*) denoting a candidate who was elected to council:

  • Larry Ashcroft                                        600
  • Ryan Bailey*                                      1,027
  • Bob Buckle                                             834
  • Hussein Elkadri                                      760
  • Sarah Fewchuk                                     558
  • Murray Gauthier                                     800
  • Ryan Lefebvre                                       988
  • Vicky Lefebvre*                                 1,191
  • Bob Mattice*                                      1,725
  • Rhea McMillan                                       813
  • William (Bill) Charles Parker*          1,017
  • Debra Pelechosky                                 633
  • Adele Richardson*                           1,039
  • Chris Vining*                                     1,382

The official results of all Alberta municipal elections can be found on the Alberta Open Government Portal at:

The Mayor and Council will be sworn in at a meeting to be held in Council Chambers at 5 pm at October 26, 2021. This will be followed by Council’s Annual Organizational Meeting at 5:10 pm and then by a Regular Council Meeting at 6 pm.

Of the electors who answered the first provincial referendum question, 1,909 voted “Yes” to removing equalization payments from the constitution while 713 voted “No” to the question.

Of the electors who answered the second provincial referendum question, 1,802 voted “Yes” to adopting year-round Daylight Saving Time, while 893 voted “No” to the question.

The City of Cold Lake also asked electors to answer three questions regarding access to family doctors. Council’s intention was to see if the results warranted a more extensive study into the issue, which could potentially be managed through the next municipal census, where more detailed and nuanced questions can be posed to all households.

The answers to the questions were as follows:

Do you have a family doctor in Cold Lake?
Yes = 1,836     No = 882

Do you want a family doctor in Cold Lake?
Yes = 1,692     No = 431

Have you tried to get a family doctor in Cold Lake?
Yes = 1,363     No = 672

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Friday, October 22, 2021