Improvement District 349

Improvement District No. 349 was created by Order In Council 419/2011, passed by Alberta Lieutenant Governor in Council in September of 2011. The Improvement district's boundaries took effect on January 1, 2012. The ID is comprised of the Alberta portion of the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range as well as several quarter sections of land north of the range.

The City of Cold Lake has been contracted by the Province of Alberta to carry out the duties associated with the development process in the Improvement District.

For more information on the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range, visit the 4 Wing Cold Lake website.

For General Information about Improvement District No. 349, visit the Alberta Government's website.

Planning and Development

Contact Information

For information about the Planning and Development Process in Improvement District 349 contact the City of Cold Lake's Planning and Development Department at 780-594-4494 or