COVID Relief

COVID-19 Support Programs

The City of Cold Lake has implemented several financial relief initiatives to assist residents and local businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic:

Financial Assistance for small businesses

A $50,000 fund has been established to provide financial assistance and help offset some of the costs incurred by local businesses to stay open and operational, or re-open under provincial COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines. Storefront businesses can apply for a $500 grant, while home-based businesses can apply for a $100 grant. To be eligible for the grant, businesses must hold a 2021 City of Cold Lake business licence, be located within the city of Cold Lake, have provided products and/or services to the public for some portion of time since March 15, 2020, and have incurred expenses (at least $500 for storefront businesses and $100 for home-based businesses) to meet COVID-19 guidelines. Eligible expenses include the purchase of personal protective equipment, sanitization and cleaning products, and modification of work spaces to adhere to physical distancing requirements. Applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis.

Utility Bill deferral

The 3.5% penalty on overdue utility bills has been suspended for the months of February, March and April, 2021. The City will continue to invoice residents and business owners during this time, but will not process penalties on balances. Accounts over 90 days in arrears will temporarily not be transferred to the property's tax balance during this period. A similar program was put in place for the months of April, May and June, 2020, which resulted in a total of $11,600 in penalties being waived.

  • For more information on temporary utility bill deferrals and overdue penalty waivers, call City Hall at 780-594-4494 or email

Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPPs) deferral

Property owners who make property tax payments in monthly installments under the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPPs) can defer their payments for February, March, and April, 2021. It is important to note that the deferral does not constitute a waiver of the payment. The payments will be deferred for 90 days and then the amount of the deferral will be distributed equally over the remaining payments for 2021. TIPPs accounts and associated payments will be adjusted once the 2021 tax rate is set in May, to ensure the total tax bill is collected by December 31, 2021. A similar deferral was in place for April, May, and June of 2020. A total of 40 properties took advantage of the program, of which 57% were residential and 43% were non-residential.

  • For more information on temporary TIPPs deferrals, call City Hall at 780-594-4494 or email

General Accounts Receivable penalty waiver

The 1.5 % overdue penalty on General Accounts Receivable invoices has been suspended for the months of February, March and April, 2021. Monthly invoices will continue, but penalties for this period will not be assessed to the account. General accounts receivable covers accounts for transfer station fees, the Meals on Wheels program, Cold Lake Fire-Rescue calls, and leases of City property.