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Plans, Reports & Studies: Council

  • Economic Development Strategy
    • The City of Cold Lake's Economic Development Strategy was spearheaded by the Cold Lake Economic Development Advisory Committee. The plan was commissioned in 2018, and prepared by McSweeney and Associates after several rounds of public consultations, including open houses, public surveys as well as targeted interviews and focus groups. This plan is intended to provide council with a broad framework to assist with making plans and developing priorities for economic development in the City of Cold Lake. It is also intended to be used as a resource by the local and regional business community.
  • Cemetery Master Plan
    • The cemetery master plan was adopted by Cold Lake City Council in August of 2017. The document is a vision for the future of the city-owned Lakeview Cemetery and Grand Centre Memorial Park.
  • Cold Lake Health Assessment
    • This study was commissioned by the City of Cold Lake, the Town of Bonnyville and the MD of Bonnyville and conducted by Stantec. The results were presented at a public open house on March 23, 2017 and accepted by Cold Lake City Council as information at a Regular Meeting on May 10, 2017.
  • City of Cold Lake's Annexation Proposal
    • Follow the above link for the latest information on the City's annexation proposal, initiated by a council resolution on November 26, 2013. Here you will find Frequently Asked Questions, an outline of the annexation process, a map of the area affected by the proposal, contact information and dates for scheduled public consultations.
  • City of Cold Lake Business Plan 2015-2020
    • This business plan will provide you with an opportunity to see Council's vision for the future and understand how planned activities over the next 5 years will work toward achieving that long-range vision. While this vision and business plan is ambitious, it is realistic and can be achieved with the support of city staff and the people of Cold Lake.
  • 2013 Council Remuneration Review
    • A council appointed committee, including members, was established to put forward a proposed compensation package for elected officials in the City of Cold Lake. In its research, the committee reviewed the existing compensation package, and compared it to those offered by other municipalities in the Province of Alberta.

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Plans, Reports & Studies: Recreation

  • Kinosoo Beach Master Plan: Report
  • Kinosoo Beach Master Plan: Appendix
    • The Kinosoo Beach Master Plan was adopted by council in July 2014. The plan was drafted after several rounds of consultation and input from City Council, various user groups in the City and the public at large. The master plan will serve to guide future investment in the area towards the final goal that it represents.
  • Marina Master Plan
    • The Marina Master Plan was created by design firms Moffatt & MichoN and Brook McIlroy. The plan outlines three options for expanding the marina while also improving its operations and revitalizing the waterfront area.
  • Open Space and Linkages Plan
    • The City of Cold Lake open Space and Linkages Plan was adopted by the City of Cold Lake Council on November 26, 2013. The purpose of the plan is to provide an action plan that directs the development of future municipal open spaces and linkages in a fiscally and environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. The plan is also a tool to assist decision makers, stakeholders and the general public in determining the needs and priorities related to parks and recreation needs of the City of Cold Lake.
  • Imperial Park Master Plan
    • The Imperial Park Master Plan was updated in December 2009 by EIDOS Consultants Incorporated, with a view to guiding the development of the 120-hectare park, located in the heart of the City of Cold Lake. The guiding principals for the plan were to ensure: A strong community focal point; Synergies between indoor and outdoor activities; All season use; Well connected park components; An Energy Centre "campus concept"; Balanced, multi-focal outdoor activity nodes; Planned growth.
  • Energy Centre Master Plan
    • The Energy Centre Master Plan was updated in November 2013 by Stantec Architecture. The facility's master plan is intended to guide the facility's expansion as it grows to meet the community's needs.

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Plans, Reports & Studies: Infrastructure

  • DRAFT Offsite Levy Review
    • Corvus Business Advisors were contracted to review the City of Cold Lake's Offsite Levy Bylaw.
    • This is currently a draft review, and stakeholder consultations are ongoing. Comments can be provided to Azam Khan, General Manager of Infrastructure Services, at
  • Stormwater Master Plan: 2014
    • Please note that this is a large file and may take several minutes to download.
    • This plan, created for the City by Associated Engineering and passed by council, studied the City's development plans, infrastructure and geography to create a concept plan for the development of a storm water drainage system throughout Cold Lake.
  • Highway 28 Functional Design Study: Final Report Part 1
  • Highway 28 Functional Design Study: Final Report Part 2
    • In order to accommodate the growing demand of traffic in the community, the City of Cold Lake started the Highway 28 twinning project in 2009, from 54 Avenue in Cold Lake South to 10th Street in Cold Lake North.
    • With the initial twinning project now complete, City staff are examining twinning the rest of Highway 28 – from 54 Avenue south to the City limits. In 2012 the City awarded the Highway 28 Functional Design Project to Stantec with the objective of identifying the land foot print and the intersection upgrades that would be necessary for that stretch of Highway 28 to become a major corridor.
    • The plan was adopted by council in 2015.
    • As it stands, Highway 28 accommodates about 20,000 vehicles a day and plays an important role in the city’s – and the region’s – transportation network. The highway sees significant industrial, commercial and recreational traffic. This traffic is expected to continue to grow with the city, its business community, and the surrounding industry.

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Plans, Reports & Studies: Planning and Development

  • Municipal Development Plan Map
    • Please note that these are large document and may take several minutes to download.
    • The MDP is the principal planning document for the City. It is a forward-looking document that articulates the community's vision, goals, objectives, and policies that will guide Cold Lake's physical, social, and economic development to accommodate a projected population of 30,000 by 2037.

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Plans, Reports & Studies: Social Studies

  • Imagine Cold Lake: Summit Report
    • Prepared in 2012 by iWonder Collaborations, this summit report documents a meeting of political, community and business leaders, as well as community development professionals, social service workers and volunteers who met to discuss taking steps towards achieving goals identified in the above community needs assessment.

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